In the Middle of Winter

This winter, which makes you feel unusually waning,

Took us to the middle of winter

with a fierce wind and snow. 

Looking at the roof of the hanok, brightened thanks to the snow

We are entering the winter of Hanok Essay Seochon,

Opening the dark, firm door.

Footprint of Winter

As long as the length of the shadow

Shorter day of the winter makes me sad.

The footprints that winter makes

It creates exceptionally deep and dense traces.

Let's make footprints that resemble winter

On the snow piled overnights that no one has stepped on.

Still.. Winter

As always

Winter's footprints

Melt away like snow. 

The shadow of scary and fierce winter

Leaves the room

When the light of the bright sun shines

And when the mild wind blows.

I will be waiting for

Scary and fierce things that split us apart

To melt away just like the shadow of the winter.

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