Spring in Seochon

Before I knew it, Seochon became busy.

People who commute to and from work.
People who walk with their dogs.
The way spring is now.
I'm starting to resemble him little by little.

Hanok Essay Seochon's Spring

The yard is full of green leaves that overcame the winter.

I've already covered the baerong trees and the arrow trees.
Even the cheesecrafts that have already begun to bloom.
McMundong and Stone Maple, which extend their heads more vigorously over Masato.

Last summer.
A small garden that I've built with great anticipation.
I'm filling it up.

The light of spring

The hanok essay Seochon that spring shows is
It's full of clear light.

In depth and afterglow, different from winter.
You said you'd wake up and enjoy the spring.
It brings us up with clear light.


This spring
I think it will feel especially short.

As clear as the sun.
Something we've never met before.
Even if you want to see me too.
We haven't been able to talk.
Even the people I miss.

Now, one, two.
I hope it will be a time to meet.

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