The beginning of autumn

Open the heavy door of the Hanok Essay Seochon along the alley. 

Sink into the space of Hanok Essay Seochon,

Unlike anything you've experienced.

A handful of sunlight shining on the floor,

A handful of fallen leaves on the floor,

Tells you how deep autumn has came

The autumn of the lounge

In the low and deep lounge chairs

There is wool prepared for the winter. 

The light coming through the window above the shelf

Makes the lounge look deeper. 

Hang up what you were wearing,

Sit down for a moment and enjoy the view outside the window.

The autumn of the bedroom


two days are not that long.

As much as the dark sunlight

Daytime has gotten shorter,

Rushing the time of Hanok Essay Seochon.

Before it's too late,

Enjoy the sunlight,

Music, book, and the scent of them all.

The autumn of the bathtub

At the heart of the Hanok Essay Seochon, 

A low and deep bathtub is prepared.

Prepare a warm bath,

enough to sink your body in.

Put yourself down in the swaying waves,

with some music, light, tea, coffee, or alcohol.

The autumn of the night

The surroundings became quiet.

The time when the sound of children running through the alley has disappeared.

The time when the noise of the distant road disappeared.

For a deeper rest,

Wrap up the day

with some food and some drink.

It will get a little colder tomorrow.

It is time to prepared for the winter.

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